Frankfurt or Brussels?

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Frankfurt or Brussels?

Frankfurt and Brussels are two popular destinations in Europe.

Frankfurt is among the largest cities in Germany, while Brussels is the capital and largest city in Belgium.

Frankfurt or Brussels?

1. Frankfurt x Brussels Overview

Frankfurt or Brussels?Frankfurt – ©Igor Flek

Frankfurt or Brussels?Brussels – ©Polly

Frankfurt is an important commercial and economic center in Europe. The highlight of a visit to Frankfurt is in the center around the Römerberg, which has several attractions that can be explored on foot and also provides excellent options for day trips.

Brussels is known for its cultural scene, green spaces, delicious chocolates, waffles and the famous Grand Place. It is the capital and largest city in Belgium.

2. Hotels

In Frankfurt the average price for a 3 star category hotel is USD 69 and for a 5 star category hotel it is USD 162.

And in Brussels the average price for a 3 star category hotel is USD 95 and for a 5 star category hotel it is USD 190.

3. Shopping

Shopping area in FrankfurtFrankfurt – ©Christian Salow

Shopping in Brussels PhotoBrussels – ©Amandine Cornillon

Frankfurt has department stores and shopping malls such as Galeria Kaufhof, Primark and MyZeil. The most elegant street in the city is the Goethestrasse, where you can find all the luxury brands.

Galeria Inno is a famous department store in Belgium and a great shopping stop in Brussels, another interesting place to shop is Galeries Royales Saint Hubert. And Godiva chocolates are an excellent option for gifts.

4. Museums

Goethe House FrankfurtGoethe House Frankfurt

Frankfurt offers good museum options like the Naturmuseum Senckenberg, the famous Goethe House and the Museum für moderne Kunst.

Brussels also offers good museum options like the National Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium and the Brussels City Museum.

5. Parks

Park in Frankfurt PhotoMetzlerpark Frankfurt

Parc du Cinquantenaire BrusselsParc du Cinquantenaire – ©François Genon

Although Frankfurt is known for its high-rise buildings, the city has beautiful green spaces like the Grüneburgpark, Bethmann Park, Metzlerpark and others.

In Brussels the most famous parks include Parc de Laeken, Brussels Park, Cinquantenaire Park and Josaphat Park.

6. Palaces

Palace near FrankfurtSchloss Johannisburg 40 km from Frankfurt

Royal Palace BrusselsRoyal Palace Brussels – ©Chris Liverani

Frankfurt is not known for palaces, but it offers excellent day trips possibilities to cities with beautiful palaces and castles.

The Royal Palace of Brussels (Palais Royal) is the main palace in the city and is used by the Belgian royal family. Around the palace there is a set of cultural buildings with neoclassical facades.

7. Day Trips

Heidelberg day trip from FrankfurtHeidelberg – ©Kanan Khasmammadov

Bruges day trip from BrusselsBruges – ©Daniël van der Kolk

One of the advantages of Frankfurt is that the city offers excellent day trips options, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Würzburg, Koblenz are some of the destinations within easy reach.

And from Brussels you can visit the charming cities of Ghent and Bruges on a day trip.

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