Regensburg Germany: 1-day Itinerary and Map

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Regensburg Germany

Regensburg is a city in Germany located in the state of Bavaria. It is composed of numerous churches and aristocratic houses from the 13th and 14th centuries.

Regensburg GermanyRegensburg Germany – Photo Credit: Leonhard Niederwimmer

How to spend 1 day in Regensburg Germany

In this 1-day itinerary in Regensburg, discover the main attractions of the city.

Day 1 in Regensburg

Start the day by visiting St. Emmeram’s Abbey, built during the Carolingian period in the 8th century and with Baroque features added in the 18th century.

Also, visit the Alte Kapelle, rebuilt in the 18th century in Bavarian Rococo style.

Located near the Alte Kapelle is the Neupfarrkirche, Regensburg’s oldest Reformed Lutheran Protestant church.

Head to St. Peter Cathedral, the most important church in Regensburg and a symbol of the city, it is also the first example of Bavarian Gothic architecture.

On Wahlenstraße, near the cathedral, is the Goldener Turm, which dates from the second half of the 13th century.

The Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) is another important building in the old town.

For great views of the city visit the Steinerne Brücke, a 310-meter long bridge, a pedestrian-only masterpiece of medieval engineering. It offers views of the Danube and many passing tourist boats.

Things to see

  • Emmeram’s Abbey
  • Alte Kapelle
  • Evangelische Neupfarrkirche
  • Peter Cathedral
  • Goldener Turm
  • Altes Rathaus
  • Porta Praetoria
  • Steinerne Brücke

Day 1 Itinerary Map

Sights in Regensburg

1. Steinerne Brücke

Steinerne Brücke

The Steinerne Brücke is a 310-meter-long bridge, a medieval engineering masterpiece exclusively for pedestrians.

It offers beautiful views of the Danube.

93059 Regensburg

2. Dom St Peter

Dom St Peter

The Dom St Peter is a symbol and the most important church in Regensburg.

It is the first example of Gothic architecture in Bavaria.

Domplatz 1, 93047

3. Altes Rathaus

Altes Rathaus

The Altes Rathaus is a complex of 3 buildings dating to the 13th century.

There are guided tours to the torture chamber and imperial meeting room.

Rathauspl. 1, 93047

4. Alte Kapelle

Alte Kapelle

The Alte Kapelle is a church rebuilt in the 18th century in Rococo style of the Bavaria.

Schwarze-Bären-Straße 7, 93047

5. Neupfarrkirche


The Neupfarrkirche is the oldest Reformed Lutheran Protestant church in Regensburg.

It is considered as a starting point for the spread of the Protestant faith from the north to the countries of south-east Europe and the Balkans.

Neupfarrpl. 1, 93047

6. St Emmeram

St Emmeram

The St Emmeram was built during the Carolingian period in the 8th century and was given Baroque characteristics by the  Asam brothers in the 18th century.

Emmeramspl. 3, 93047 

7. Praetoria


The Praetoria is a gateway dated 179 AD. Giant blocks of stone were used for its construction.

Unter den Schwibbögen 2, 93047

Where to stay in Regensburg

1. Eurostars Park Maximilian Regensburg

The Eurostars Park Hotel Maximilian is an elegant hotel with classic architecture and palatial decor in the historic center of Regensburg.

All rooms are equipped with a TV, work desk, electric kettle, and minibar.

Maximilianstraße 28, 93047


2. Goliath am Dom Regensburg

The Hotel Goliath am Dom is a charming hotel located in the city center close to the cathedral and Porta Praetoria

The rooms are comfortable and have a flat-screen TV, a work desk, and a minibar.

The hotel has a gym and a spa.

Goliathstraße 10, 93047


3. Mercure Regensburg

The Mercure Regensburg is located on the banks of the Danube, a 10-minute drive from the city center.

Rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, minibar, work desk.

Grunewaldstraße 16, 93053


4. ACHAT Hotel Regensburg Herzog am Dom

Located in the historic center opposite the cathedral, the ACHAT Hotel Regensburg Herzog am Dom offers stylish and comfortable accommodation.

All rooms are equipped with a TV, work desk, coffee maker, and minibar.

Domplatz 3, 93047 Regensburg, Germany


5. SORAT Insel-Hotel Regensburg

The SORAT Insel-Hotel Regensburg is located on a small island on the Danube within walking distance of Steinerne Brücke and the historic center.

The rooms are equipped with a TV and a work desk.

The hotel has a gym.

Müllerstraße 7, 93059 Regensburg, Germany


Shopping in Regensburg

1. Galeria Kaufhof Regensburg

Galeria Kaufhof is a German department store chain with many stores in Germany.

The company features brands like Esprit, S. Oliver, Tom Taylor, Gerry Weber, Tommy Hilfiger, Bugatti, Olymp.

Neupfarrpl. 8, 93047

2. Donau Einkaufszentrum Regensburg

The Donau Einkaufszentrum is located 2,2 km from the Praetoria.

Brands: Esprit, Eterna, Gerry Weber, Mango.

Weichser Weg 5, 93059

Plan your Trip

Regensburg has easy train access from various cities in Germany. Famous cities nearby: Munich, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Würzburg.


Munich – 125 km (77.9 miles)

Nuremberg – 113 km (70.2 miles)

Bamberg – 162 km (101 miles)

Würzburg – 211 km (130 miles)

Frankfurt – 324 km (201 miles)

Book a Train Trip

Regensburg Germany Map

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