Erfurt Germany: 1-day Itinerary and Map

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Erfurt Germany

Erfurt is the capital and largest city of the state of Thuringia in Germany.

The ancient city of Erfurt is one of the most intact medieval cities in Germany, as it suffered little damage during World War II.

Erfurt Germany: 1-day ItineraryErfurt Germany – Photo Credit: Mark Fuller

How to spend 1 day in Erfurt Germany

In this 1-day itinerary in Erfurt, discover the main attractions of the city.

Day 1 in Erfurt

Start the day by visiting Erfurt Cathedral, which houses the largest medieval bell in the world. Next to the cathedral is the Severikirche, a Gothic-style church.

Head to the Fischmarkt, a square in the old center where the City Hall (Rathaus) and the figure of Roland are located.

Also visit the Alte Synagogue, which houses several medieval treasures (silver coins, wedding rings, etc.) discovered during archaeological excavations.

Near the Alte Synagogue is the Krämerbrücke, the longest medieval bridge with buildings next to it than any other bridge in Europe. The bridge crosses the Gera River.

Head towards Wenigemarkt, another square in Erfurt. Near the square is the Evangelisches Augustinerkloste, where Martin Luther became a monk.

Petersberg Citadel is another city attraction located 1.1 km (0.7 miles) from Evangelisches Augustinerkloste.

Things to see

  • Erfurt Cathedral
  • Severikirche
  • Fischmarkt
  • Rathaus Erfurt
  • Alte Synagogue
  • Krämerbrücke
  • Wenigemarkt
  • Evangelisches Augustinerkloste
  • Petersberg Citadel

Itinerary Map

Sights in Erfurt

1. Erfurt Cathedral

Erfurt Cathedral

The Erfurt Cathedral also known as Dom St Marien was founded in the 8th century.

The cathedral has 3 towers of the 19th century, the one in the middle houses the largest medieval bell in the world.

Domstufen 1, 99084

2. Severikirche


The Severikirche is a church with a Gothic style.

It is located on the Domplatz along with the Erfurt Cathedral.

Severihof 2, 99084

3. Krämerbrücker


The Krämerbrücke is the longest medieval bridge with buildings next to it than anywhere else in Europe.

It is 120 meters long and crosses the Gera River.

Krämerbrücke, 99084

4. Fischmarkt


The Fischmarkt houses the Roland Statue of 1591 and the Rathaus.


5. Rathaus


The Rathaus is a neo-Gothic building built between 1870 – 1874.

In the Rathaus, there are numerous murals depicting scenes from Martin Luther‘s life and images from the history of Erfurt.

Fischmarkt 1, 99084

6. Alte Synagogue

Alte Synagogue

The Alte Synagogue was built around 1110.

It is one of the few well-preserved synagogues of this type in Europe.

Waagegasse 8, 99084

7. Evangelisches Augustinerkloste

Evangelisches Augustinerkloste

Evangelisches Augustinerkloste is a 13th-century monastery. It was at the site that the young Martin Luther became a monk in 1505.

Augustinerstraße 10, 99084

8. Petersberg Citadel

Petersberg Citadel

The Petersberg Citadel is the largest and best-preserved baroque fortress in Central Europe built in the 17th century.

Petersberg 3, 99084

9. Erfurt Zoo

Erfurt Zoo

The Erfurt Zoo is home to over 1600 animals, representing 193 species.

Am Zoopark 1, 99087

10. Schloss Molsdorf

Schloss Molsdorf

The Schloss Molsdorf is one of the most beautiful Rococo palaces in Thuringia.

It was built between 1736 – 1745.

Schloss Molsdorf, 99192 

11. Egapark


The Egapark has numerous attractions including gardens, playgrounds, and the German Horticulture Museum.

Gothaer Str. 38, 99094 

12. Angermuseum


The Angermuseum is one of the leading art museums in Erfurt.

Anger 18, 99084 

13. Lorenzkirche


The Lorenzkirche is a small 14th-century Gothic church located 950 meters from the cathedral.

Pilse 30, 99084 

14. Drei Gleichen

Drei Gleichen

The Gleichen, Mühlburg and Wachsenburg castles are collectively known as “Drei Gleichen“.

They are located 20 km from Erfurt.

Thomas-Müntzer-Straße 4, 99869 Drei Gleichen, Germany

Where to stay in Erfurt

1. Radisson Blu Erfurt

The Radisson Blu Erfurt is located a 10-minute walk from the historic center.

Rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, minibar, and coffee maker.


Juri-Gagarin-Ring 127, 99084

2. Dorint Hotel am Dom Erfurt

The Dorint Hotel am Dom Erfurt is located 400 meters from the cathedral.

Rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, work desk, safe, minibar.


Theaterpl. 2, 99084, Erfurt, Germany

3. Mercure Altstadt Erfurt

The Mercure Erfurt Altstadt is located 1 km from the cathedral near the Krämerbrücke.

Rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, work desk, minibar, coffee maker.


Meienbergstraße 26-27, 99084 Erfurt, Germany

4. Hotel Krämerbrücke Erfurt

Located near the Krämerbrücke in the historic city center, the Hotel Krämerbrücke Erfurt offers comfortable and modern accommodation.

The rooms have a flat-screen TV and a desk.

The hotel offers spa services and a Finnish sauna.


Gotthardtstraße 27, 99084 Erfurt, Germany 

Malls and Department Stores in Erfurt

1. Anger 1 Erfurt

The Anger 1  is located 1 km from the cathedral.

Brands: Pandora, Camp David, Gabor.

Anger 1-3, 99084

2. Thüringen Park Erfurt

The Thüringen Park is located 7 km from the old town.

Brands: Bonita, Esprit, Gerry Weber.

Nordhäuser Str. 73T, 99091 

Plan your Trip

Erfurt has easy train access from various cities in Germany. Famous cities nearby: Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, Kassel.


Leipzig – 162 km (101 miles)

Dresden – 220 km (137 miles)

Nuremberg – 228 km (142 miles)

Kassel – 153 km (95 miles)

Würzburg – 193 km (120 miles)

Berlin – 289 km (179 miles)

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Erfurt Germany Map

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